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About Lunch Love

I am a big believer in “it takes a village”. We all have our strengths and it is ok to outsource the things that take more energy then they should (this is part of nourishing ourselves too).

My strength is packing nourishing, delicious lunches filled with LOVE. Let me help you nourish the brains, bodies and spirits of your littles.


Our Vision

Nourishing the next generation through lunch, love and learning.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower kids through food education and experience, to become advocates for their own nourishment. We provide lunches that are 100% made with whole foods that are high in nutrients to nourish growing brains and bodies. Our lunches are simple, flavourful, fun, innovative, super nutrient dense, and allergen friendly. Our lunches are also made with 110% love. Through this we also want to support parents by taking lunch duty off their plates.

All of our meals are nut free. Gluten and dairy free options available upon request.


Lunch Love Calgary - About Us


About Charly

I have been interested in and studying nutrition for over 20 years. I considered myself quite healthy. I ate well, drank plenty of pure water, and exercised regularly. But when I decided I wanted to have children, it did not happen immediately. We continued to try for about a year. I was frustrated and discouraged because I thought if anyone was healthy enough to have babies, it had to be me. I tried acupuncture (because so many women I knew swore by it), I saw doctors and naturopaths, but it still wasn't happening.

It wasn't until I learned about gut health that things started to change. I came to understand that although I had been living a health lifestyle for the past 10 years, I still had some imbalances in my microbiome…maybe as a result of poor choices when I was younger, stress, or both. I worked with a naturopath who guided me through healing my gut and before I knew it I had a beautiful healthy baby boy in my arms.

I now have two beautiful children that I get to nourish every day. With everything that I experienced it became essential for me to consciously focus on feeding my babies well from day one. I learnt that these littles that came through me were born with my same gut bacteria. Immunity is all about the gut so they needed strong guts.

I continue to help them grow and understand what it means to nourish ourselves. We often have conversations about healthy foods and treat foods. We eat both! With the understanding of enjoying the experience of food and the impact on our little intestinal armies.

I started Lunch Love  because I love feeding children. I love making food nourishing, delicious and fun. I get excited about kids connecting their foods to their bodily experiences.

I realized there was a need for this service when I heard parents talking about the painstaking task of making school lunches every day. I knew I could help them by taking lunch duty off their plate, and by providing their children with healthy lunches that nourish their mind, body, and spirit. I knew I could provide lunches that everyone loves. 

Ready for Stress-Free Lunches Crafted With Children's Optimal Health in Mind?

Brought to parents by parents. Remove the anxiety and stress of meal preparation from your daily schedule for your child or student. Feed them what they need now, so they can grow to choose what they need later. Here's to nourishing our next generation! Reach out if you have any questions, we're here to help!

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